Create a Finite State Machine in Unity 3D using Zenject

One useful design pattern in game development is the State design pattern. It can be used in various occasions from player input to enemy AI.

We can manage all the states using a Finite State Machine. With a FSM we have distinct finite states that we can transition to, but having only one state enabled at any given time.

In our example we will implement a Game Manager, that controls our game states in Unity, using Zenject framework. Zenject is Dependency Injection Framework for Unity 3D.

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Improving your game through Feedback

No matter how many original ideas you have and how well you created your design document, the end result of your game creation is going to vary, from being a complete flop to a masterpiece.

The optimum way to find the pitfalls of your game design, is through playtesting. This determines the entertainment factor of your game and amplifies the potential to become a great hit.

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Beginning Game Programming

So you have made your Console Applications for some time now and even created a simple text adventure game. But it’s now time to get your coding skills to the next level. A good way to start game development, is to create a simple game like Pong or Pickin’ Sticks. Forget about making the next MMORPG or FPS Blockbuster, you have to take small steps at a time.

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